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Ojai, CA
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Freelance writer/content creator focused on sustainability, fashion, design, DIY, wellness, trends, culture, travel and the intersection of them all.

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Imaginative Playgrounds by Monstrum

Designers often talk about the importance of play, emphasizing its power to create creative breakthroughs. Design firm Monstrum, based in...

Number Five: A Co-Working Space in Venice Beach

In an industrial loft just off Rose Avenue in Venice Beach—where creative shops, innovative restaurants, juice bars and trendy yoga studios abound—is a co-working space called Number Five...

DIY: 10 Things To Do With an Old T-shirt

If you’re anything like me, you have tons of old T-shirts laying around in your drawers collecting dust. Instead of dumping them all in a collection bin, turn them into something useful. You’ll be amazed at how many things you could actually make from a humble tee...

The History Behind The Little Black Dress

The LBD gives us a chameleon-like ability to fit into any kind of social situation, and therein lies its appeal....

Industry of all Nations: Ethical Production & Preserving Cultural Traditions

With all the recent factory tragedies, overseas garment production has gotten a (sometimes very well-deserved) bad reputation. However, there are companies out there who are doing it right.

Based in Los Angeles, Industry of All Nations (I.O.A.N.) was founded...

Road Test: Minimalist Running Shoes

Ever since someone first decided to take a chance on running in Vibram FiveFingers (which were originally designed for yacht racers), barefoot running has continued to grow in popularity. Now often...

Ocean-Inspired Porcelain Designs by Maria Moyer

In essence, wabi-sabi is the Japanese art of finding beauty in imperfection, profoundness in nature and valuing authenticity above all else. This description could accurately be used to characterize sculptor Maria Moyer’s work as well...

Veuve Clicquot Goes Eco-Luxe With New Sustainable Packaging

It's no secret that two of the things we like most here at Goodlifer are the color yellow and champagne....

Mastering the Wood Grain

“Process is everything in my work,” says Michael Rupich, designer and founder of EndGrain Furniture, a woodworking studio based in Fairfield, New Jersey. “The thing I want most when someone is viewing one of my pieces—for the first time or the hundredth time—is for them to be awestruck...

Guest Editor: Johanna Björk

Welcome to our first Guest Editor, Johanna Björk - who we first met in New York during the Design Boost at Parsons. A designer by trade, Björk has always harboured a passion for storytelling and style...

Sandra Lanshin Chiu on Beauty - From the Inside Out

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of Williamsburg’s Roebling Street is Treatment by Lanshin — a quiet oasis of self care. Founder Sandra Lanshin Chiu worked for years in the stressful world of finance before deciding to take the leap and follow her passion...

The Art of Brook&Lyn

In her mid-twenties, Mimi Jung quit her job as a graphic designer to start her own creative studio under the name Brook&Lyn. Her bold, distinct jewelry gained near instant acclaim in the fashion world. Last year...

Wild Edibles: A Walk in the Swedish Woods with Dan Uhrbom

Some of us buy expensive organic greens in the supermarket while some, like Dan Uhrbom (who is sort of a Swedish version of “Wildman” Steve Brill), simply go out in the forest to gather all they need...

Recycled Tube Light by Castor

The Recycled Tube Light by Canadian design studio Castor is a great example of upcycling done right. Using recycled materials—burnt-out fluorescent tube lights—in an unexpected, innovative way, it challenges our notions of waste...

Top 12 Style Choices That Stand The Test of Time

The secret to always looking great is filling your closet with timeless staples that work well together. Consider what colors...